Application for, Inc. Travel Assistance™

Do you need help with travel expenses for your recruit's boot camp graduation? Are you the parent, legal guardian or spouse of the recruit? If you answered yes to both questions, we may be able to help.

To review the application, or to print a hard copy to complete and send via US Mail, click here. PLEASE NOTE: Your application will be processed more quickly when you submit it online.

Before submitting the application for Travel Assistance, please, please read our MPTA Application Guidelines. Applications submitted without following the guidelines will not be considered for Travel Assistance.
To prevent unauthorized access to our online application, we ask that you request an authorization code by sending an email to and we will respond in 24 hours. Your authorizaiton code DOES NOT STORE information you submit in the application; it only provides access to the application. The code is valid for TEN days.

Gather Information

We strongly encourage you to review the form and gather all information, including names, addresses and phone numbers before you fill out and the form.

Time Required

If you have done your research and gathered all the information you will need, the form will take from 30-45 minutes to complete.



If you have not read the guidelines, DO NOT complete the application yet. Click here to read the guidelines BEFORE applying.

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