Paisley Campaign: $40,000 Goal

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4/20/2021: Paisley and her family are home from Salt Lake after her first chemo treatment. Her platelet numbers are dropping pretty significantly, and while she doesn't need a transfusion yet, she probably will soon. Otherwise, she is responding well to the chemo. Please keep little Paisley and her family in your prayers. With YOUR support, we've just paid off the family's car loan and have mailed 28 cards to Paisley. Additional donations will be used for upcoming travel expenses for the next two years.

As of 10:20 AM CST 04/29/2021, we have raised $30,348.98 of our $40,000 goal.

75.8% Complete

Five-year-old Paisley was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2020. Her parents, Marcus and Lacey, are both Marine combat Veterans. Between the two of them, they have over 22 years in service with 8 combat tours. They have six children ages 2-13. Little Paisley has already endured surgery and radiation. Now, she needs two years of chemotherapy and will travel over 1000 miles round-trip every 6 weeks so she can beat cancer.

Travel is costly from Montana to Salt Lake City for Paisley's chemotherapy. Lacey homeschools their children. Marcus works at Home Depot. The family's expenses are mounting. Our goal is to raise $40,000 for immediate relief for the family including help to pay off the family vehicle. This will free up some of their own monthly income. Let's rally around Paisley and her Marine family to show them our love and support.

Semper Family! Please scroll below to donate and THANK YOU!

100% of the funds raised for the Paisley Campaign will be used to pay off the vehicle loan and, if applicable, additional cash payments to the family for expenses incurred. All associated costs and credit card fees will be incurred by Literally, 100% of YOUR donation goes to help Paisley's family.

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